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Our aims

The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia is a non-profit, purely voluntary association that exists solely for the benefit of its members. The purposes of the organisation are to

The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia was founded on 19 September 2000.

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Our chief

Our Chief is The Rt Hon. Anthony Robert Lindsay, 30th Earl of Crawford and 13th Earl of Balcarres, 38th Lord Lindsay of Crawford, 14th Lord Lindsay of Balcarres, 13th Lord Lindsay and Balniel, 7th Baron Wigan of Haigh Hall. Our Chief is the premier earl of Scotland.

Our chieftain

Our Chieftain is The Rt Hon. James Randolph Lindesay-Bethune, 16th Earl of Lindsay, 15th Viscount of Garnock, 25th Lord Lindsay of the Byres, 16th Lord Parbroath, and 15th Lord Kilbirny, Kingsburn, and Drumry, DL.

Our high commissioner

Our Chief has appointed Susan Cooke BA, as the first Clan Lindsay High Commissioner for Australia. The Warrant signed at Balcarres on 19 September 2009 and renewed in 2014 and 2019 appoints Susan Cooke for a period of five years to represent the Clan throughout the Commonwealth of Australia.

Our crest-badge

Our crest-badge features a white swan within an ancient coronet heightened with fleurs-de-lis.  A monochrome version is shown right.

The swan is Cirean Ceann Cinnidh, the Crest of our Clan Chief.

The badge may be blazoned as "From an antique ducal Coronet a demi-Swan Wings addorsed and elevated proper all within a Strap and Buckle bearing the Chief’s motto ENDURE FORT". Our motto means Endure Bravely.

Our plant badge

Our plant badge is the Lime Tree.

This is normally worn as a sprig affixed behind the crest-badge, affixed to the cap, or which, in the case of ladies, fixes the tartan sash at the shoulder.

Our tartan

The distinctive Lindsay tartan of burgundy, green and dark blue is one of the most popular tartans. 

There are two principal variants of the Lindsay tartan, the Ancient Lindsay and Modern Lindsay. While the Ancient (1 - far left) is vibrant and striking, based on traditional natural dies, the Modern (2) is more subtle and understated.  The Lindsay Dress Blue (3) and Lindsay Dress Red (4 - far right) are commonly selected by competitive highland dancers.  The Lindsay Muted and Lindsay Weathered variations (not shown) are rarely seen. Other Lindsay tartans are displayed in The Scottish Register of Tartans.

The Ancient Lindsay and Modern Lindsay setts are defined by light and dark colours, and threadcount proportions, according to this scheme:


To create the Modern Lindsay sett, a weaver would set up the loom with 6 threads of Dark Red, 4 threads of Dark Blue, 48 of Dark Red, and so on, finishing with 40 threads of Dark Green. Using these specifications, you can generate the Lindsay tartan using The Scottish Register of Tartans Design tool.

John Lindsay (1702-49), the 20th Earl of Crawford and 4th Earl of Lindsay, was appointed by King George II on 25 Oct 1739 as the first Colonel of the Black Watch. The name of this famous regiment was derived from the dark colour of their tartan and the original role of the regiment to 'watch' or police the Highlands.


Our organisation structure

The activities of our Society are overseen by a Board of Management comprising

President Susan Cooke D Ua
Vice President Chris Lindesay
Secretary Chris Lindesay
Treasurer Susan Cooke
Registrar Eric Richardson OAM
Editor Susan Cooke
Piper Chris Lindesay
Heraldist & Genealogist Chris Lindesay
Webmaster Chris Lindesay
Councillor (ACT) Janette Lindesay PhD
Councillor (QLD) Mark Patch
Councillor (TAS) Ian Byers
Public Officer Susan Cooke

We are seeking Councillors to assist us in promoting the Society aims.

We meet electronically to plan and co-ordinate events.


Updated 2024-03-10

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